What if I could help you develop the unique flavor of parenting strategies that will actually work for your neurodivergent child without requiring you to burn yourself out, let your neurodivergent child run the entire household, or implement yet another "perfect" parenting plan that you'll definitely fail at after two hours?


Apply for Empowered Neurofamily Academy and book a 1:1 Empowered Strategy Call with Kaylene to see if you're a good fit!

Hey friend, I'm Kaylene.

I'm a multiply-disabled Autistic adult, and I'm raising 6 neurodivergent tiny humans along with my husband who has ADHD and dyslexia.

We're what I call a neurofamily. (Maybe you can relate!)

I'm also a parent coach, and I have spent the last 6 years helping parents just like you develop the unique flavor of parenting strategies that ACTUALLY work for their neurodivergent kids.

In that time I’ve had the privilege of coaching dozens of parents with unique circumstances—toddlers, teens, non-speaking, highly verbal, comorbid disorders, single parents, only children, large families, homeschoolers, and more—and I’ve seen what’s actually working right now behind the scenes in families just like yours.

And Empowered Neurofamily Academy is my chance to share that insight with you, so that you can take what's working and tweak it to fit your unique, weird, and beautiful neurofamily!

On our 1:1 strategy call, and in the Academy if you choose to continue working with me, I'll be teaching the timeless strategies that I use with my own family and that my clients use to get massive results with their neurodivergent children every single day.

Here's What We Do On The Strategy Call...

  • Step One: We'll establish your specific goals for your neurofamily, and get clear on what's been keeping you from achieving those goals.
  • Step Two: We'll map out your empowered strategy, so that you know where you are in your journey and your clear next steps to take.
  • Step Three: I'll answer any questions you have about Empowered Neurofamily Academy and whether or not it makes sense for your situation.

Whether or not the Academy is the right next step for you, you'll walk away from our call with an empowered strategy mapped out, and you'll feel confident about your next steps.

If you're ready to develop your own unique flavor of parenting strategies, but you need them to work for your family's
neurodivergence and straight up "weirdness"...

I'd like to invite you to apply to 

Empowered Neurofamily Academy

(and book your 1:1 Strategy Call with me!)

The only program designed to create a customized plan specific to your neurodivergent child, your own needs, your family values, and your unique neurofamily.
So, what is the Empowered Neurofamily Academy anyways?

Empowered Neurofamily Academy is a 12-month high-touch group coaching program that guides parents to develop the unique flavor of parenting strategies that actually work for their neurodivergent child, their own needs, their family values, and their unique neurofamily.

By the end of the program, you will…

  • Easily anticipate and meet your child’s needs and in order to help them stay regulated, so you can’t even remember the last meltdown (without ignoring your own needs and burning yourself out in the process)
  • Put clear boundaries and routines in place, so that your kids actually get along, your family is co-accommodating (instead of relying on YOU to meet EVERYONE'S needs), and you don’t feel like your house is run by a tiny dictator.
  • And that IEP meeting you have in a few months with the school? You'll know *exactly* what accommodations you need to fight for, and have the scripts planned out so that you know the school will take you seriously.

No more 3 am Googling. No more Facebook groups telling you you're doing everything wrong. No more wasting time on things that don't matter.

When you implement my proven system...

Drowning in your child's meltdowns, outbursts, and even self-harm behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere or happen for no reason.
Easily anticipating and meeting your child's needs so that you can stop meltdowns or outbursts before they even begin.

Constantly walking on eggshells to keep your Autistic child happy and avoid the meltdowns, leaving you burnt out and exhausted.
Your Autistic child understanding and following boundaries so that every member of the household feels understood and respected.

Fed up with IEP meetings that don't go anywhere and leave you feeling like all the fighting in the world won't change the fact that your child just doesn't fit the school system.
Knowing that your child is getting all of the accommodations they need to succeed at school and feeling confident that they're in the right environment to thrive.

My Clients Are Having Wins Like...

It's choice time, friend.

Either you can keep going the way you have been... Spending hours in free Facebook groups that just leave you feeling guilty and confused, reading yet another blog post with "5 quick tips to...", and buying yet another book that's filled with theories that seem impossible to follow in real life...

Or you can use my step-by-step proven framework to change the trajectory of your neurodivergent child's future by creating a plan that's custom to your neurofamily that actually works.

I want you to think about where you want to be…

  • Three months from now. Do you want to be still dealing with meltdowns or do you want to actually enjoying time with your child again (while they feel safe and regulated)?
  • Six months from now. Do you still want to be walking on eggshells in your own home, or do you want to know that you have the routines and boundaries in place that keep your family balanced (and a solid plan for when they aren't followed)?
  • A year from now. Do you still want to be dreading every IEP meeting and conversation with your mother-in-law, or do you want to be confident that you can handle any advocacy situation you are put into?
  • Five years from now. Are you still staying up until 3 AM worrying about what will happen to your child when you're gone, or are you sleeping easy knowing that your child has the independence and self-advocacy skills they need to navigate a world that wasn't built for them?

If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and defeated on this parenting journey, let this year in Empowered Neurofamily Academy be the year that everything changed for you and your child.

Here's What to Do Next...

Step One: Apply

Fill out the 2-minute application for the Empowered Neurofamily Academy coaching program!

Step Two: Book

Once you're accepted, book your 1:1 Empowered Strategy Call with Kaylene at a time that works for you!

Step Three: Strategize

Strategize your next steps to reach your goals and choose if the Academy is right for you with Kaylene!