Question for you...

What if you felt positive and confident about your child’s autism diagnosis in just 30 days?


Let me rephrase that...

What if, this time next month, you had taken your first and most important step in becoming the parent-advocate your child needs by processing and accepting your child’s autism diagnosis?

And you were done with the information overload, doom and gloom warnings, and constant feelings of failure being pushed on you from doctors, therapists, teachers, and even random strangers on the internet…

...So that you could move forward on your journey and be ready to accommodate your child, balance your family’s needs, and advocate effectively?

If you’re ready for that… Keep Reading!


Here's the problem...

You know that to be the parent-advocate your child needs, you first have to process their autism diagnosis…

But you’re constantly feeling like a failure and second-guessing yourself because…

  • You’re in Facebook groups asking a million questions and being shut down at every turn for constantly using the wrong language or not understanding Autistic culture.

  • You’re being fed ideas about how your child will never progress or develop certain skills without hours and hours of therapy, and you feel like you’re failing as a parent.

  • You’re struggling through meltdowns, trying to advocate with the school, and dealing with everyone’s judgment---from the mailman to your mother-in-law.

But can you imagine...

Feeling confident about what the future looks like for your Autistic child and your family.

Enjoying the time you spend with your Autistic child again instead of stressing every second.

Actually sleeping at night instead of googling until 3 AM or reading yet another Facebook thread.

If you’re ready to stop feeling so overwhelmed, defeated, and downright terrified of what’s in store for your Autistic child’s future, I have something for you...

Introducing the

Autism Journey Diagnosis Journal

The only diagnosis journal written by an Autistic adult AND parent of an Autistic child that walks you step-by-step through processing your child’s autism diagnosis.

What makes the Autism Journey Diagnosis Journal different?

The Autism Journey Diagnosis Journal is the first of its kind that combines the perspective of an Autistic adult and the parent of Autistic children in order to truly understand where you are on your journey.

In this journal you won’t find toxic positivity that leads you to completely ignore the real struggles you and your Autistic child face in a world that wasn’t designed for them. Instead, you will journal through prompts that help you recognize obstacles and create plans to overcome them.

On the flip side, you won’t find a lot of “woe is me” or doom and gloom narratives in this journal. I know that an autism diagnosis is something to celebrate, not fear or grieve, so I will guide you through feeling whatever big feelings you have and then find the positive impact even when it feels impossible.


I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, so I’ve included a few special bonuses...

Autism Language Cheat Sheet

Stop feeling overwhelmed by new terms the doctors and therapists throw at you and have a go-to cheat sheet to keep all the acronyms straight once and for all!

$12 value

Autism-Positive Parenting Handbook

You want to be the best parent you can for your Autistic child and the Autism-Positive Parenting Handbook does just that by walking you through the four core functions of Autism-Positive Parenting and taking the guesswork out of how to raise your Autistic child.

$27 value

Autism Affirmation Cards Bundle

Instantly remind yourself and your child about all the awesome things about autism, even on those days when it feels like you’d give anything in the world to just take away the frustrations of raising (or being) an Autistic child in a world not built for Autistics.

$20 value

Are you ready to get out of information overload and feel confident about your child’s autism diagnosis?

  • Autism Journey Diagnosis Journal $30 Value
  • Autism Language Cheat Sheet $12 Value
  • Autism Positive Parenting Handbook $27 Value
  • Autism Affirmation Cards Bundle $20 Value

Total Value: $89

But here's the thing... If you join before the timer on this page runs out, you can get the journal plus all the bonuses for...



Hassle-Free Guarantee

Download the journal, check out the bonuses, work through a few prompts… And if you decide this journal isn’t quite right for you, you are backed by our 100% Hassle-Free Guarantee.

Simply email me at [email protected] within 14 days of your purchase and tell me why the journal didn’t work for you. I’ll personally refund 100% of your purchase price.

There truly is no risk.

If we haven't met yet,

Hey friend, I'm Kaylene

I’m an Autistic adult and parent of 6 neurodivergent children, and for the past 6 years, I’ve been coaching and creating resources to help parents of Autistic children become the parent-advocates their children need.

After a while, I realized that all the resources geared towards parents of newly diagnosed children spread a grief narrative that’s incredibly harmful. I wanted to offer a new perspective.

This journal allows parents just like you to go through the process of fully understanding your child’s diagnosis and the impact it has for your entire family privately and on your own timing, so that you can start your autism journey on the right foot.

What a few of my students say about my work

Got Questions?

Still Not Sure?


  • Your child was diagnosed Autistic within the last year and you’re still in information overload
  • You’ve had your child’s diagnosis for a while but you still feel terrified about what their future will be like in a world that doesn’t understand or accommodate them
  • You are waiting on your child’s official diagnosis, but you’re trying to find another way to see autism and be ready when you finally get the diagnosis
  • You’re a fierce advocate and “autism mom”, but when you explored some Autistic-led groups you realized there’s a lot you don’t understand about autism and Autistic culture.
  • You’ve spent so much time fighting for your Autistic child that you’ve barely come up for air and thought about your own feelings or the impact to your family.

There's no better time than now...

  • Autism Journey Diagnosis Journal $30 Value
  • Autism Language Cheat Sheet $12 Value
  • Autism Positive Parenting Handbook $27 Value
  • Autism Affirmation Cards Bundle $20 Value

Total Value: $89

But here's the thing... If you join before the timer on this page runs out, you can get the journal plus all the bonuses for...