The Must Have Guide to the 5 Types of Autistic Communication

Think your autistic child can't communicate? Think again! In this guide you will discover the 5 primary types of autistic communication so that you can start to actually understand and communicate with your autistic child in a brand new way.

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  • How each and every autistic child communicates, even if you think they have no communication. 
  • How to identify what your autistic child's primary communication type is, and what benefits and struggles come with that.
  • The exact next step you should take depending on your specific child's primary communication type.

Hey friend! I'm Kaylene... 

I'm an autistic mom of six, including one autistic child, and I am passionate about helping parents of autistic children become the best parents, advocates, and allies they can be.

For years we were told my autistic son had "no functional communication", but once I learned the 5 primary types of autistic communication I was able to understand him in a brand new way.


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