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[4 Day Workshop]

Autism Journey Workshop

Find clarity in the challenging terrain of conflicting information, and discover techniques to support your Autistic child lovingly-- and regain a sense of calm in your everyday life!

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When you first received your child's Autism diagnosis...

You likely felt afraid and confused, wondering if your child would be able to have a happy and fulfilling life…

And you set out on a quest for answers...

Doctors told you one thing, therapists told you another, and then the Autistic community says that so much of what you were guided to do is actually harmful.

Many of the mainstream recommendations from “Autism Specialists” contradicted your intuition, and they recommended doing things that felt out of integrity simply because your child is neurodivergent.

And now you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders...

  • Navigating grocery store meltdowns while it feels like the whole store is watching…

  • Feeling frazzled after advocating with schools and therapists who automatically assume you’re clueless (psst: I know you’re not)…

  • And coming home to a juggling act of everyone’s conflicting needs and still having to find a way to cook a meal that everyone will actually eat among the chaos…

This leaves loving and dedicated parents like you feeling overwhelmed and helpless to navigate so much conflicting information…

It can be exhausting!

But here’s the thing, Friend…
You’re doing a great job.

It’s ok to need support and guidance to become the kind of parent advocate your child needs.


Imagine coming home to a place...

  • Where everyone’s needs are considered and met

  • Where meltdowns are infrequent, and *all* of the humans feel like a priority

  • Where you confidently know how to handle the day-to-day without walking on eggshells

  • Where you can confidently advocate for your child's needs with schools, therapists, and even other family members

  • Where your Autistic child can grow up with their sense of self and self-esteem intact because they are valued for who they are...

  • And their capabilities and interests can flourish while protected and nurtured by the love and allyship in their home!


 Your Autistic child is not “BROKEN.”

You can maintain a loving connection while supporting your child's unique needs as a parent-advocate.

You need guidance from someone who has first-hand experience being Autistic and also a Parent.

Celebrate What’s Possible For Your Autistic Child!

In this 4-part workshop, we will create a simple-to-follow blueprint that I call a Parent-Advocate Plan.

I will break down the path into simple-to-follow steps, so you feel confident, knowing exactly what you need to do in even the trickiest parenting situations.

This workshop has helped so many parents gain their footing and turn the tables in their journey as their child’s ally and advocate… And I know it will help your family too!


You Don't Have To Do This Alone, Friend.

Over 4 Transformative Days, I'll Walk You Through...

  • Strategies to be the calm in the storm and manage meltdowns without sacrificing your sanity (and ways to reduce their frequency and intensity)

  • Techniques to reduce demands on your child without increasing the demand on you (and how to tell if you're accommodating vs. coddling)

  • Tools for dealing with unavoidable boundaries (featuring topics like electronics, rigidity, aggression, and more)


Plus We'll Cover...

  • The path towards advocacy with schools and therapists (and how you can set a stellar example, so you child learns to advocate for themselves)

  • Autism myths your child’s team taught you (vs. what's actually possible for Autistics today)

  • The Autism Journey Roadmap, so you can identify which stages your child is in, and create a custom Parent-Advocate Plan to help you navigate through it.


How rude of me, I haven't introduced myself...

Hey Friend, I’m Kaylene!

As a parenting coach, mom of 6 neurodivergent kids, and as an Autistic Mom myself, I get it…

I'm here to shed light on the challenging landscape of conflicting information and compassionately guide you towards parenting certainty.

As an Autistic human, I’ll offer insight into common behaviors and themes that are often misunderstood and compassionately guide you towards advocacy…

And you will discover the unique way your child learns so you can help them in the ways that work best for them.

As a parent, I understand just how much goes into creating a joyful family life and balancing everyone's needs (including yours!)...

You will know exactly what to do in those tricky moments where your Autistic child needs it quiet, and your other kids need freedom to play loudly…

And parent with confidence when your well-meaning relatives are putting on the pressure, insisting you’re “spoiling” your child by accommodating them.

Friend, I created this workshop because I want to see your family thrive!

“Kaylene’s insight and understanding of Autism is a bonus to the program. Her positive perspectives are so helpful no matter what your child’s struggles”

- Ellon

"It's so valuable I really appreciate having [Kaylene] as a go-to mentor. It's been a game-changer in this journey."

- Danielle

[4 Day Workshop]

Nobody in the world can advocate and fight for your kids like you can.

Join us for the FREE  Autism Journey Workshop and become the pillar of strength, support, and connection that your Autistic child needs.