Discover how to parent and advocate for your Autistic child with ease

While raising them to be independent and confident self-advocates

(without feeling like every step you take is the wrong move)

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The day you got your child’s autism diagnosis, you started on step one of a journey that you never truly signed up for. Before you knew it you were thrown into an entirely new world.

Everyone was saying strange terms like “neurodiversity” and “ABA” and “PFL” and “LMNOP” (Okay, maybe I made that last one up, but you know it felt that way sometimes!)

And it wasn’t long before you started to realize that everyone from your child’s therapists to your mother-in-law to Autistics on the internet to the grocery clerk had an opinion about your parenting, and every single one of them thought you were doing it wrong.

Here’s the thing, friend… You are doing a great job.

And I fully believe there is no better parent or advocate for your Autistic child than you. In fact, I believe that as a parent-advocate, you are the most important ally to not only your child, but the entire Autistic community.

You don’t need to be told everything you’re doing wrong, you need someone to finally show you, step-by-step, what you should be doing to give your Autistic child the best life possible.

The last thing you need is another Facebook group with 10,000 people sharing their “opinions”... You deserve direct guidance into your unique situation with your specific child and family in mind. Someone who knows what you’ve tried, where you’re stuck, and can help you find the next logical step for you.

Hey friend, I’m Kaylene.

I’m a mom of six neurodivergent kids and an Autistic advocate and parent coach, and I help parent-advocates just like you raise confident and independent self-advocates every single day.

As a parent and an Autistic adult, it is my mission to bridge the gap in the autism community by helping parents truly understand and embrace their Autistic child, and become the parent-advocates and allies they want to be.


“Kaylene’s insight and understanding of autism is a bonus to the program. Her positive perspectives are so helpful no matter what your child’s struggles”


"It's so valuable I really appreciate having you as you know as a go to mentor it's it's been a game changer in this journey. I can tell you game changer."


“Knowing Kaylene has littles that have difficulties too makes her very relatable. It’s always nice to see her smiling face on the calls and hear her perspective”

Introducing Autism Journey Collective

The only membership community of its kind that includes direct guidance and support for your unique situation from Autistic adult mentors while taking you step-by-step through your Autism Journey.

So… What is it?

It is NOT just another Facebook community where you have to over-explain yourself because everyone is convinced you’re the worst parent ever and won’t just answer your question.

But it IS a place where you can share your unique struggles, celebrate wins, and find out exactly what your next step should be in order to move forward on your autism journey and help your Autistic child become the confident and independent self-advocate they are meant to be.

This is like having an Autistic mentor on speed dial...

  • Find out how to support your child’s independence, while also making sure their needs are being supported and accommodated for
  • Uncover the balance of when you need to teach your child something important for life and when you are approaching the dangerous territory of trying to change them (which will not help in the long run).
  • Find out how to handle the frustration, shut downs, and meltdowns that seem to come whenever your child is slightly inconvenienced, and tell the difference between legitimate meltdowns and using “meltdowns” to get out of things.
  • Discover step-by-step how to teach your child how to advocate for themself and not have to mask in order to fit into a world that doesn’t usually understand them or their autism.
  • Discover how to identify what are Autistic traits, what is behavior, and what is simply your child so that you know how to handle absolutely anything that comes up.
  • Feel confident that your child will be independent enough to deal with the world in your absence without anyone taking any advantage of them or embarrassing them when they fail to understand social cues or situations.
I'm So In!

When You Join the Collective,

You Will Share Wins Like...

Here’s What You Get Access to

Each and Every Month in the Collective...

The Parent-Advocate’s Journey Roadmap

  • Discover the step-by-step journey that all parent-advocates take from diagnosis to advocacy
  • Find out how to easily become the #1 expert in your Autistic child and use that expertise to advocate at school, with family, or even at t-ball practice
  • I’m going to show you my 5-step process to teach your Autistic child new skills in a way that actually makes sense to them
  • Discover your Autistic child’s sensory preferences, triggers, and communication type (and how to easily accommodate them in any situation)

Deep Dive Trainings

  • Take a deep dive into your biggest struggles with parenting and advocating for your unique Autistic child
  • Discover how to boost your child’s confidence and empower them to advocate for themselves
  • I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to solve any challenge you and your child might be facing with the unique Autistic perspective
  • Find out how to change behaviors without icky behaviorism, get self-care without the guilt, and even school at home during this crisis

PDF Quick Guides

  • Access the key points from each of our monthly topics at your fingertips in these printable PDF Quick Guides
  • Make life simpler with handy Trigger Trackers, Self-Care Ideas, and Sensory Profiles
  • Dive even deeper with Executive Functioning and Crisis Survival PDF Guides that go in-depth on your biggest concerns
  • Boost your confidence as a parent-advocate with proven and powerful advocacy scripts you can use in a variety of situations

Live Q&A Coaching Calls

  • I’m going to coach you through specific insight into your unique situations each and every month
  • Get clarity on unique struggles from sibling rough-housing going to far to navigating consent and boundaries to food aversions
  • Dig deep into your specific struggles in order to help you get unstuck and make progress
  • Find out how to navigate your individual situation without having to deal with overly general advice that doesn’t fit your child or your family

Ally Mindset Monday

  • Discover how your mindset might be just the thing that's holding you (and your child) back from progress
  • Find out how to approach advocacy from an ally point of view so that you can have the greatest impact
  • I'm going to walk you through how to get a handle on your overwhelm and help you conquer any challenge that comes your way
  • Together we will break through disempowering thoughts and beliefs and replace them with empowering ones (that actually feel real to you)

The Collective Community

  • Spend your time in a community that understands why "only one meltdown" is a massive win
  • Enjoy a safe space to share your struggles, your wins, and your questions without fear of judgment
  • Create friendships with other parents who are on the same journey and just as committed to being confident parent-advocates as you are
  • Get clear feedback from a small group who all believe in the same things you do, instead of fighting off 87 comments from people you don't trust anyway
I'm Ready to Join!

But here's the deal...

I am completely revamping the way that Autism Journey Collective is run… I’ve added more coaching, simplified our Journey Roadmap, and made it even easier for you to see progress.

And that means that the next time I open the doors to the Collective, it’s going to be at a higher price point. But when you join today, you lock in your lower rate for as long as you are a member in good standing.

So what’s the catch?

Well, the Parent Journey Roadmap is under construction, and it will be ready for you on July 31st. That means that you can get into the Collective today, get instant access to our entire library filled with trainings, PDF Guides, and resources, and dive straight in.

Then in about two weeks, you’ll be able to jump into the brand new Parent Journey Roadmap training that walks you through the entire Autism Journey, from Diagnosis to Advocacy.

Sound fair?

Heck yeah, I'm in!

#ActuallyAutisticAnswers Video Vault

Access a video vault of short videos of the Autistic Mentors answering your most common questions about autism and your autistic child. Why Does My Child Get So Angry Out of Nowhere? Why Does My Child Think I Can Read Their Mind? Why Does My Child Play With Food, But Not Eat It? These are all questions that are answered in short and easy to consume videos for you! Plus, as an Autism Journey Collective Member, you get to request videos that will be added to the ever-growing vault.

Autism Language 101

IEP’s? Ableism? Neurodiversity? Comorbid Disorder? Ever see terms and think, what the heck does that mean? Autism Language 101 is a powerful training that dives deep into the common terms used in the autism community, the preferred language of autistics, and how to avoid accidental ableist language.

Parenting Autistics Crash Course

This powerful mini-course will give you an overview of the research-backed parenting strategies that will help you to become the best parent you can be for your autistic child. We’re going to cover the exact steps for staying calm when triggered yourself, how to handle a struggle in the moment, and how to reconnect and move forward when things calm down. You won’t want to miss this.



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  • The Parent-Advocate’s Journey Roadmap ($300 Value)
  • Deep Dive Trainings ($97 Value)
  • PDF Quick Guides ($27 Value)
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls ($199 Value)
  • Ally Mindset Monday ($147 Value)
  • The Collective Community ($99 Value)
  • Bonus #1: #ActuallyAutisticAnswers Video Vault ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Autism Language 101 ($47 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Parenting Autistics Crash Course ($97 Value)
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  • The Parent-Advocate’s Journey Roadmap ($300 Value)
  • Deep Dive Trainings ($97 Value)
  • PDF Quick Guides ($27 Value)
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls ($199 Value)
  • Ally Mindset Monday ($147 Value)
  • The Collective Community ($99 Value)
  • Bonus #1: #ActuallyAutisticAnswers Video Vault ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Autism Language 101 ($47 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Parenting Autistics Crash Course ($97 Value)
  • Special Pay in Full Bonus: Parenting in Public ($147 Value)
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