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Ready to become the parent-advocate your Autistic child needs

without walking on eggshells, unintentionally harming your child, or spending every second arguing with the school?

Hey friend, I know exactly where you are...

You’re drowning in your child’s meltdowns, outbursts, and maybe even self-harm and you want nothing more than to help them feel safe and happy, but that seems absolutely impossible since everything seems to set them off and everyone in the world seems to be telling you that everything you do is wrong

Or maybe your child isn’t having a ton of meltdowns or outbursts, but it’s only because you and your entire family are constantly walking on eggshells and giving them whatever they want in order to keep them happy (and, let’s be honest, you’re starting to burnout because living with a tiny dictator is HARD)

Or maybe you feel like everytime you walk into your child’s school you have “THAT MOM” tattooed on your forehead because no matter how many meetings you attend, they can’t seem to accommodate your kid the way you need them to and it seems like every other day you’re getting called to come pick your child up or calm them down from another meltdown that could have been EASILY avoided if the school would just listen to you.

Can you imagine...

  • What it would feel like to know exactly which accommodations actually work for your unique child, and to be able to provide the accommodations without burning yourself out in the process.
  • How you’re going to feel when you can balance the different needs in your family, and you have a system in place for how to handle harmful behaviors like constant screaming, aggression, and head banging.
  • What it will feel like when you can absolutely rock an IEP meeting without stress and your child is even starting to advocate for their own needs and wants without screaming, whining, or ending up in a meltdown.

If any of this sounds impossible, I want you to know that not only is it possible, it's possible for you. And I know that because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven framework that's worked for so many parents just like you.

I know you're ready to be the parent-advocate your child needs...

But you have some questions like...

  • I want to embrace my child. for who they are, but how do I do that when society forces norms on them?
  • What can I do to support their preteen independence needs when they still need help with organizational and life skills?
  • How do I let them be themselves without masking, but also keep them safe?
  • How can I find that right balance of encouraging new experiences and learning while not pushing too hard, too fast, or in a triggering way?
  • How do I support my non-speaking child's communication without resorting to intensive therapies?
  • What do I do if I'm sensory avoiding and my child is sensory seeking so we constantly trigger each other into meltdowns?

These Questions are EXACTLY Why I created the Embracing Autism Accelerator

If you're ready to drop the "autism mom" badge and become the parent-advocate your Autistic child needs, but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way...

I'd like to invite you to the

Embracing Autism Accelerator!

The only program designed to walk parents step-by-step through accommodating their Autistic child, balancing the needs of their family, and becoming the advocate their child needs them to be.
So, what is the Embracing Autism Accelerator anyways?

Embracing Autism Accelerator is a 12-month high touch group coaching program that guides parents of Autistic children to become the parent-advocates that their children need them to be.

By the end of the program, you will…

  • Easily anticipate your child’s needs and helping them stay regulated, so you can’t even remember the last meltdown
  • Have clear boundaries and routines in place, so that your kids are actually getting along and you don’t feel like your house is run by a tiny dictator.
  • And that IEP meeting you have in a few months with the school? You'll know *exactly* what accommodations you need to fight for, and have the scripts planned out so that you know the school will take you seriously.

No more 3 am Googling. No more Facebook groups telling you you're doing everything wrong. No more wasting time on things that don't matter.

When you implement my proven system...

Drowning in your child's meltdowns, outbursts, and even self-harm behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere or happen for no reason.
Easily anticipating and meeting your child's needs so that you can stop meltdowns or outbursts before they even begin.

Constantly walking on eggshells to keep your Autistic child happy and avoid the meltdowns, leaving you burnt out and exhausted.
Your Autistic child understanding and following boundaries so that every member of the household feels understood and respected.

Fed up with IEP meetings that don't go anywhere and leave you feeling like all the fighting in the world won't change the fact that your child just doesn't fit the school system.
Knowing that your child is getting all of the accommodations they need to succeed at school and feeling confident that they're in the right environment to thrive.
Here's how the program breaks down...


This is all about helping your child feel safe and regulated. We’ll focus on meeting their sensory needs and managing their anxiety so that you can start to see fewer meltdowns or outbursts.

In stage one, you’re going to learn:

  • How to identify and easily meet your child's unique sensory needs (even if they seem to change day by day) so that you can see fewer meltdowns and sensory overload.
  • The five types of Autistic communication and how to understand what your child is trying to tell you even if they are completely non-speaking.
  • Simple strategies to reduce demands for your Autistic child in order to reduce their anxiety and increase their willingness and ability to cooperate with you.


This is all about balancing those accommodations with “real life”. We’ll set up some boundaries and routines, and get your family life working without so much effort from you so that you know that everyone in the family feels understood and valued.

In stage two, you’re going to learn:

  • The simple way to create routines that help your family know what to expect so that your family life starts to run on auto-pilot even if you've never been able to stick to a routine in your life.
  • Simple strategies to handle behavior without ABA so that you can set boundaries that your Autistic child will actually follow (and know what to do if they don't).
  • How to build your child's independence by teaching them the skills they will need to lead a successful and independent life so that you can stop worrying about what will happen when you're not there to help.


This is when we take everything we’ve learned and use it to create change for your child. We’ll build the scripts you need to fiercely advocate boost your child’s self-advocacy skills so that you know that you can easily get your child’s needs met even when you aren’t around.

In stage three, you’re going to learn:

  • Effective strategies for fiercely advocating for your child so that you can get the accommodations your child needs whether you're working with the school, the cub scouts leader, or even your mother-in-law.
  • How to empower your child to advocate confidently for themselves so that you know they are able to get what they want and need even if you aren't around to fight for them.
  • The simplest way to create systemic change for all Autistics (including your child!) by allying with and amplifying the Autistic community.
You won't be on this journey alone...

Weekly Coaching Calls where myself or one of my coaches will answer each and every one of your questions. (And all questions are pre-submitted, so even if you can’t make it live we’ve got you covered!)


An intimate and private Facebook community with myself, the coaches, and parents who are on the exact same journey as you.


Submit your work weekly and get personal feedback and critique from myself or one of my coaches. We will be able to see the small tweaks and shifts that will make your plans work even better.

Apply For The
Embracing Autism Accelerator today!
And access our exclusive private training only for accepted applicants...
  • Step-by-step trainings walking you through the Accommodate, Balance, Change Framework ($2997 Value)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Myself or one of my Coaches ($9500)
  • Weekly Personalized Critiques & Feedback ($999)
  • Private Community With the Coaches & Parent-Advocates Just Like You ($1200 Value)
  • 1:1 Milestone Calls with Myself or one of my Coaches ($1497 Value)
  • Proven Parenting & Advocacy Scripts ($499 Value)
The Embracing Autism Accelerator
Also Includes These Bonuses...

Proven Parenting and Advocacy Scripts...

Simple scripts for situations like when your child wants something that’s outside of your control, de-escalating a meltdown (and re-connecting afterward), planning accommodations with family members, handling a change in routine that’s unexpected, IEP Meetings and conversations with teachers and school staff, getting through transitions without the total overwhelm, and so many more.

($499 value)

1:1 Milestone Debrief Calls

Get on a call 1:1 with myself or one of my coaches after you've created and implemented some of your most important plans. We will help you see what worked and what didn't, so that you can tweak the plan to work perfectly for your unique family.

($1497 value)

You're the perfect fit for Embracing Autism Accelerator If...

  • You're desperate to help your child feel safer and more regulated, and you wish you could just understand what they truly need.
  • You're starting to feel like your other kids are getting the short end of the stick because they are constantly compromising and giving into their Autistic sibling in order to not "make waves".
  • You've gotten your child's autism diagnosis within the last year or two, and you're ready to step beyond the "autism mom" phase and focus on helping your child live their best life (without changing who they are).
  • You are tired of feeling like you constantly walk on eggshells to avoid the next outburst, and you don't know how much longer you can last with your Autistic child controlling every tiny thing your family does.
  • You want to be able to fiercely advocate for your child, but it feels so overwhelming and like a lost cause because no one listens to you anyways.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading because you’re exactly where you need to be.
I can't wait to welcome you into the
Embracing Autism Accelerator!
If you're ready to become the parent-advocate your Autistic child needs,


Every day that passes is another day with your Autistic child that you won’t get back.

How many more days do you want to go before truly accommodating your child and helping them feel secure and regulated?

How many more days do you want to go walking on eggshells in your own home?

How many more days will you fight with the school for the accommodations that you know your child needs and deserves?

You deserve more, and your child deserves more.

The Embracing Autism Accelerator
Isn't Just Another Course...
This is the only program of its kind created by an Autistic adult *and* parent of Autistic children.

Hey friend, I’m Kaylene and I’m in love with helping parents of Autistic children drop the “autism mom” badge and become the parent-advocates their kids need!

After getting my son’s autism diagnosis, I learned about my own autism as an adult. Suddenly all those “weird” things I did made sense, and of course, I dove deep into learning ALL. THE. THINGS.

I quickly realized that there were two very different approaches to parenting Autistic kids. Side one is the “professional” side, where you put your child into a full time job’s worth of therapy to make them act as neurotypical as possible. Side two is the “Autistic” side, where you never change anything about your Autistic child and your only job is to cater to their every whim.

As a parent *and* Autistic adult, I knew that neither of those would work for me and my Autistic kids, so I set out to find a new way of doing things. And I started to see massive success (I’m talking fewer meltdowns, more communication, and a neurodivergent family that just *works*)

I knew I needed to share this approach with my clients and students. And they started seeing massive success as well. From kids sleeping through the night, to trying new foods, to taming the meltdowns, and easing the rigidity...

That’s why I’ve created the Embracing Autism Accelerator. Because I want to see those same results for you and your Autistic child. And I cannot wait to see your progress through the program!

If you're still reading, there's something keeping you on the fence...

Hey friend, so am I! The truth is, being Autistic and parenting an Autistic child makes some things (like trying to balance opposite sensory needs or deal with meltdowns without getting triggered yourself) WAY harder. This program was designed specifically to manage the needs of multiple neurodivergent family members.


I've helped clients with two-year-olds who were just diagnosed and dealing with massive communication struggles up through clients with 15-year-olds dealing with school refusal and battles over electronics. This program will work for your child, regardless of age.


I hear this a lot from parents who aren't dealing with massive meltdowns or behaviors, but is that really the level of success you're looking for? What if instead of fine, you were confident that you were empowering your child to become an independent, successful adult that could advocate for themselves? That's what this program does.

You may be asking yourself...
It's choice time, friend.

Either you can keep going the way you have been... Spending hours in free Facebook groups that just leave you feeling guilty and confused, reading yet another blog post with "5 quick tips to...", and buying yet another book that's filled with theories that seem impossible to follow in real life...

Or you can use my step-by-step proven framework to change the trajectory of your Autistic child's future by becoming the parent-advocate they truly need.

I want you to think about where you want to be…

  • Three months from now. Do you want to be still dealing with meltdowns or do you want to actually enjoying time with your child again (while they feel safe and regulated)?
  • Six months from now. Do you still want to be walking on eggshells in your own home, or do you want to know that you have the routines and boundaries in place that keep your family balanced (and a solid plan for when they aren't followed)?
  • A year from now. Do you still want to be dreading every IEP meeting and conversation with your mother-in-law, or do you want to be confident that you can handle any advocacy situation you are put into?
  • Five years from now. Are you still staying up until 3 AM worrying about what will happen to your child when you're gone, or are you sleeping easy knowing that your child has the independence and self-advocacy skills they need to navigate a world that wasn't built for them?

If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and defeated on this parenting journey, let this year in Embracing Autism Accelerator be the year that everything changed for you and your child.

Apply For The
Embracing Autism Accelerator today!
And access our exclusive private training for only accepted applicants...
  • Step-by-step trainings walking you through the Accommodate, Balance, Change Framework ($2997 Value)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Myself or one of my Coaches ($9500)
  • Weekly Personalized Critiques & Feedback ($999)
  • Private Community With the Coaches & Parent-Advocates Just Like You ($1200 Value)
  • 1:1 Milestone Calls with Myself or one of my Coaches ($1497 Value)
  • Proven Parenting & Advocacy Scripts ($499 Value)